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Why buy when you can borrow?

Shuffle Stuff is a peer-to-peer marketplace that enables you to borrow, loan and rent risk free.

Stop buying things you don't need to own and start putting the things you do own to work!

Save & Earn Cash





Verified Users

Insurance Protection

Proof of Condition





Circular Economy


Feel confident loaning to your friends or renting to neighbours

Shuffle Stuff requires that all users verify their identity,  and all communications and agreements between parties are managed through the platform.

Proof of condition and operation of items is required before collection and at return and all transactions are protected by insurance.


Less than half the clothes in your closet get worn

 In Australia alone, 800,000 tonnes of fashion waste is dumped every year.


Reduce the impact of fast fashion and take advantage of an infinite wardrobe by borrowing and renting instead.


Overconsumption and waste is out of control

Each year, millions of perfectly usable household items end up in landfill. By embracing borrowing and renting over buying, we can reduce waste and save money while still having access to the items we need when we need them


86% of Aussies have items in their home ready to be rented

Want to make some extra cash while decluttering your home? From power tools to party supplies, our platform makes it easy to lend and borrow items you only need occasionally, saving space and money while promoting sustainability.


Don't compromise on quality, cheap stuff doesn't last

Why settle for cheap, low-quality products when you can try before you buy or rent high-end brands at a fraction of the cost? Our platform promotes conscious consumerism, while saving money and reducing waste.

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